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Dr. Shirish Desai, M.D

Specializing in Urology since 1976

Dr. Desai was inspired as a child to one day study Medicine as he was surrounded by ten Physicians in his father’s family while growing up in Zambia.

As Dr. Desai studied Medicine in Cambridge England, he was drawn to specialize in Urology as a result of its unbiased application to each gender, as well as its combination of innovative surgical procedures.

Dr. Desai has been studying Urology since 1976, when he began his career as a Resident at the prestigious Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. His vocational history is draped with many esteemed milestones, such as being named Chief of Surgery at both Southwest Regional Medical Center and Uniontown Hospital. Dr. Desai also leaves in his professional wake other prominent positions within his field such as, having been the Medical Staff President at Uniontown Hospital and a Member of the Board of Trustees at Southwest Regional Medical Center. Dr. Desai also has several key Publications in the area of Urology credited to his name as cited below.

Infertility – Vol. 1 No. 1 1978 – Desai S. B., Cohen M., Orkin L. A. – “Left Spermatic Prostaglandin F2Alpha Levels in Subfertile Men with Varicoceles”

Presented at the Annual American Urological Association Meeting in NYC – May 1979 “Mycoplasma Infection and Male Infertility”

Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine 1979 May – “Myelolipoma of the Adrenal Gland – Report and Literature Review”

Presented at the Annual A.U.A. Meeting May 1979 NY – “Prostaglandin F2X Levels in Subfertile Men with Varicoceles”

Winner of the Grandprize (Valentine Essay competition) 1st Prize amongst all N.Y. N.J. Urology Programs

Licensed State of Pennsylvania 1980

Dr. Desai’s primary goals are to see to it that Tricounty Urology Associates provides prompt 24-hour Urology care by not only utilizing the most up-to-date Urology Services, but also by demonstrating genuine empathy, honesty, and courteousness.

This is in keeping with Dr. Desai’s entire philosophy of life; “Doing the best you can in all your endeavors, without worrying about the rewards.” It is no wonder then, why Dr. Desai admires Mahatma Gandhi---as he is an inspiration of honesty and non-violence to millions.

In his free time, Dr. Desai loves to travel, read, and play Bridge.